Invited Speakers

  • A Novel Epigenetic Drug against Adult T-cell Leukemia Prof. Toshiki Watanabe The University of Tokyo, Japan CV
  • Biological Heterogeneity of AML: Implications for Prognosis and Treatment Prof. Clara Bloomfield The Ohio State University, USA CV
  • Understanding Evolution and Outcomes in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Dr. Jyoti Nangalia Wellcome Sanger Institute, UK CV
  • Approaching Survival of the General Population: The Results of CML Study IV in the Global Context Prof. Rüdiger Hehlmann Heidelberg University, Germany CV
  • Leukemia Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Microenvironment Interactions Prof. Ravi Bhatia The University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA CV
  • ​Integrating CAR T-Cell Therapy into the Treatment of Lymphoma, Myeloma, and Leukemia: Strategies for Maximizing Patient Outcomes Prof. David G. Maloney Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA CV
  • Translating DNA Repair for Targeting Cancers Prof. Kyungjae Myung UNIST / Institute for Basic Science, Korea CV
  • New Models of Human Leukemia Dr. Connie Eaves BC Cancer Agency, Canada CV

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