Travel Grants

The IACRLRD 2019 Organizing Committee will offer Travel Grants to presenters whose abstracts have been accepted. You can apply for the grant when you submit an abstract. The secretariat will contact awardees individually.


Awardees will receive a travel grant in the amount of USD 1,500(including tax).


  1. 1.Presenters of accepted abstracts are eligible for the travel grant.
  2. 2.Abstracts must be presented by awardees at IACRLRD 2019.
  3. 3.Presenters need to register for the conference. (Registration fees will not be waived.)

How to Apply

  • Step 1 Apply for the Travel Grant when making your abstract submission online
  • Step 2 Complete online abstract submission
  • Step 3 Review by organizing committee
  • Step 4 Notification by email

Travel Grant Regulations

  1. 1.Candidates will be informed before the symposium.
  2. 2.Awardees are required to visit the speaker room after their presentation.
  3. 3.A valid form of ID, such as a passport or driver license, must be presented upon claiming the grant at the symposium.
  4. 4.Only one travel grant will be awarded per applicant, even if more than one abstract is submitted.
  5. 5.The travel grant will only be given to the presenter specified on the abstract.
  6. *For questions regarding travel support, please contact (


All awardees will receive their ceritifcates at the Adjourn on Nov. 9 (Sat).

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